Blogging Again!

Hi Friends,

My schedule for the past ten days has been exceptionally hectic.  All of the work was good, but it required many nights with little sleep and a couple of nights with no sleep.  This work took the time that I usually give to blogging.

The Lord willing, I am back to my schedule and should be able to communicate with you several times a week or more.

On Thursday, Friday, and Saturday your MCA ministry staff and Board of Directors gathered at Victory Bible Camp for a time of rest, reflection, thought, and relationship.  What a great time we enjoyed.

Hart and Kelly, Shanda, and Rhonda planned terrific fun events for the students of our staff and ministry team.  Their work was very well received and our students made some memories that may last a lifetime.

Howard and Rezia provided everyone with the opportunity to ride two exceptionally nice snow machines.  Dale and Deann brought a video projector and a collection of movies, Mark and Val supplied the board games, Fay and Chuck served up the snacks, and many others added their special touch to make the weekend helpful.

Craig Mathison, Missionary and Cultural Anthropologist, presented opportunities to converse about “Glue, Myths, and Land Mines,” in ministry understandings.  You should have heard the conversations.  Although most of us are rookies in regard to high level cultural perspectives, we jumped into the dialogue and learned many vital concepts.

With leaders like God has given to this body, we have a bright future.





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