Born in the City: God’s Love

Born in the City GraphicGod loves the cities in His world.  The following message notes are written with God’s love of cities in mind.  Do you have a theology of the city?

Let’s discover a Christian perspective of the city.

“The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein.” Psalm 24:1

  • The earth – The land, the countries and their lands, the planet
  • The fullness thereof – all the earth contains, plants, animals, rivers, oceans, mountains
  • And those who dwell therein – all of the people who live here.

A city qualifies in all three components – the earth, the fullness thereof, and those who dwell therein.  It is then appropriate to say that the cities of the earth are the Lord’s.

Introductory Lessons from Sodom

  • God views cities as either righteous or unrighteous.  Genesis 18:23
  • The presence of godly people is beneficial for the salvation of places.  Genesis 18:32
  • God has specific charges against a city.  Ezekiel 16:49-50
  • Because God loves cities he expects them to be righteous.
  • Righteousness is good for a city.  Proverbs 14:34

Introductory Lessons from Nineveh

  • It may be that Nineveh was as evil as Sodom but unknowingly.  Jonah 4:11
  • In Psalm 24:1 we considered, “The fullness thereof,” and now we see God’s concern for “much cattle.”
  • Pity, in Jonah 4:11 means, “have compassion on.”
  • Evidently Sodom was evil due to rebellion and Nineveh was evil due to ignorance.

Advent Truth to Take into Our Cities  Intentional Acts of Kindness

  1. God honored the city by having His Son born in one.
  2. What will your city be like when Jesus is born there through you?
  3. You have a moral obligation for righteousness in your city.

Pride + excess food + prosperous ease = Did not aid the poor and needy!

No aid to poor + haughty + abomination = So I removed them.

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