Braving the Cold: MCA Leadership Team

It was -21 this evening and yet 20 of our MCA Leadership Team braved the stinging and biting cold for a very helpful leadership conversation. Our time together featured encouraging announcements by those excited about the ministry under their lead and a talk about 2009 MCA Essential Leadership Capacities.

I presented the following outline to our team. We had a lively and fun conversation. Wish you could have been there.

2009 MCA Leadership Competencies

TEXT:    Exodus 23:27-33

1.  Creating a space where people perceive they will experience God’s presence.

2. Creating an experience in which your followers perceive they will experience transformation and growth.

3.  Creating a product of the highest total quality.

4.  Creating a personality that is contagious for Christ.

5.  Creating networking skills that assist people in developing vibrant, life giving, and rewarding relationships.


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