Bridging the Gap with David Soliman

In Anchorage, Alaska, 3.2% (2010 Census) of the neighbors God invites us to love are followers of Islam.

“Perhaps one of the largest chasms one can imagine is the separation between Western Christians and Muslims. Bridging the Gap is bridging that divide, sharing the love of Jesus with our brothers and sisters from Arab and Muslim regions.” David Soliman

Increase your loving capacity and grace!  

Free Dynamic Leadership Workshop with Bridging the Gap Founder and President, Mr. David Soliman

October 12         7:00 PM

October 13         9:00 AM – 1:00 PM

MCA Church, 7041 DeBarr Road, Anchorage, Alaska

907 337-9495    

FREE with Lunch Provided

“We drive to airports, board airplanes and fly half way around the world to reach people who are just like our neighbors here at home.  When obeying the Great Commission, why board a plane in Jerusalem and fly over Judea and Samaria to reach the ends of the earth?  Judea and Samaria are equally important.”  Pastor Max Wiltshire