Bull’s Eye!

MCA is blessed (and has been for many years) with a phenomenal group of servants willing and able to lead our organization as the MCA Board of Directors. The largest part of the MCA B.O.D.’s responsibility is setting clear and powerful direction into a very bright, God inspired, people motivating future. As a Board of Directors we determine the bull’s eye to which we throw the darts of our lives, the catcher’s mitt to which we throw the baseball of our ministry, and the hoop to which we shoot the basketball of our energy.

The $100,000,000 question is, “How clear is the bull’s eye, catcher’s mitt, and hoop of the MCA ministry?”

Our B.O.D. is coming into a more clear revelation of our particular calling in ministry.

“As a result of the ministries of MCA, God is glorified and people are transformed into the image of Jesus Christ, through a teaching and equipping ministry, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.”

From your personal experience, how clear is this organizational end to you?

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