Burkina Faso 09: Tuesday, January 27

Oh, what a day! We started with an inspirational dedication of a new water well that was donated by the MCA worship community. The story of this well is motivating and joyful.

The Church was seeking to build a building in which to meet. In order to build, they needed water. The only well close by was owned by people of another religious persuasion. They declined to allow the church to use the well. So the church set their hearts to prayer that God would provide. In fact, it became so desperate, that sometimes they were unable to cook because they had no drinkable water.

Along came your loving contributions and a well was dug. Not only a well was dug, but they say it has very good water, better than the well they were denied.

Check this out! Over 50,000 people are in the community that draws water from this well. In appreciation for your kindness, we were presented with a beautiful sheep for our nutritional needs.

After such a great morning, we were blessed by God’s presence among us in the evening services. Mel, Bonnie, and Dawn went to Zone 1 A church. Fay, Nicole, Mike, Queilla, and Kent went to Zone 1 B church. Wow! Did we have a blast or what? Mike and Mel were the preachers and everyone reports that they did a tremendous work.

We love you all and thank you for your prayers.





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