Burkina Faso 2009: Thursday, January 29

We were blessed to tour the Presidents Private Animal Reserve today. I don’t think we will ever get closer to African animals than this. A Bengali Tiger was one sturdy chain link fence away. Three lions were inches away (on the other side of a fence). When the tiger charged Mike, we realized the power of a tiger. Of course, Mike was on the safe side of the fence, but it was still a huge rush. The giraffes, buffalo, crocs, ostrich, and other animals were impressive.

In the afternoon, we stopped by Pastor Joany’s office and enjoyed a tour and some cold beverages.

The evening featured Mel preaching at Zone 1 F and Dawn Kauffman at Zone 1 E. Both services were well attended and blessed by the Lord. Dawn talked about the power of the tongue to bring blessing or cursing. She focused our attention on the children and women in attendance and blessed them with God’s richest blessings. Dr. Perkins brought an inspirational testimony of God’s great work in young people.

Tomorrow the 2009 Zone 1 Convention commences. We are very excited.






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