Burkina Faso Flood Update

Just in from Pastor Joany.

Sunday I asked the church to be able to share the few that we have with our
brothers and sisters that endures the effects of the flooding. So we made a
love offering. I was very astonished how people let speak their hearts. In
spite of our financial situation because our church is composed of 90 of
young people and almost are student. We have been able to collect more than
383 soaps , 22 bags of clothes and  850 Euros. Even the children brought
what they could make. Continue  to pray  for us because I am overflowed by
the situation. Yesterday morning a man of 60 years  arrived with tears  in
my office  because his s daughter who is widowed with two children came out
of the flooding  with  nothing. It is with sadness that I saw him leaving
without any help n to his problem. We have a God who doesn’t forget us.
Again thank you for your concern. May the Lord bless you beyond your

The following photo is impressive.  People with two pairs of shoes are giving one pair and keeping one pair.  Folks with two shirts are giving one and wearing one.  May God be praised!

Please go to www.pastorkent.me to make your contribution today.

Burkina gifts for burkina

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