Burkina Faso Flooding: Today’s Update

Hi Kent,

The floods made big damages. Today the Prime minister met the diplomatic
bodies to express them the state of the damages for a possible international
support. It came out  that the government need  about 107 000 000 Euros for
the restoration of a lot of infrastructures. A national and international
call is made and Monday the President of the republic goes himself will to
preside solidarity fund raising. And this is without these families who will
rebuild   by themselves their houses .And the question still l how they will
make it in such an economic situation. I spoke in the church for today needs
I mean for Saturday, Sunday Monday, this week and this month: food,
clothes,; malaria, temporary lodgings ect… In the church we transformed
our meetings of Tuesday Wednesday and Friday in meeting of intersession for
the situation. I asked the church that those who  have two dresses give one;
and those who have some food may  share to sustain our brothers and sisters.
For the hour it is the emergency help that imports for these thousands of
women of children whose majority was already in the class called: the
resourceless. I said to the church that in the divine language to share
with a brother is not divide but  multiply  what  we have in our hands .
giving is  fructify what is in our hands. Thank you for carrying our
situation before the throne of the God of compassion.

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