Burkina Faso Global Outreach Team

God has blessed us with love for the Burkinabe of Burkina Faso. I appreciate, more than words can say, the joy of knowing and loving our African brothers and sisters.

The team I am leading to Burkina will leave Anchorage on February 20 and return on March 4. The cost is $3,200 per person. If you have been praying about going with us and feel that God may be leading you to travel, please let me know ASAP. The purposes of the team are varied. Some will be looking into our role in the medical ministry, others will be participating in orphanage ministry, others working on the school building, and others leading leadership development ministries.

Your donations are very important. We need to generate additional funding for the leadership development ministry. Many of the things that we want to impart to our brothers and sisters are on dvd. They have no video projectors in the congregations and have been praying for God to provide one. Your gifts will help us purchase video projector for the ministry there.

Thanks for loving God’s world.

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