Burkina Faso Persecution: Awareness Leading to Action

Burkina Faso is populated by amazing, kind, gentle, honest, loyal, polite and loving people.  Into this delightful and peaceful mix of animists, Muslims and Christians, religious persecution has intruded.

Extremists hell bent on maiming and killing anyone who holds views different from their radical Islamic beliefs are methodically, intentionally, and ruthlessly being killed.

I am just one of many deeply concerned fans of the Burkinabe.  But I am one.  I have voice.  With God’s grace I can shout this injustice from my internet rooftop.

My prayer is for information to lead to transformation.

Burkina Faso, having no significant natural resources, minimal GDP (123 of 186 according to the 2018 report of the International Monetary Fund) and very little for which more powerful nations lust, is often ignored at best and abused at worst.

Will you join me in praying, communicating and giving to bring an end to the senseless slaughter of these our sisters and brothers?