Burkina Faso: Time to Drop Everything and Help

Our dearest friends desperately need our help. It is time to lay aside other important expenses and meet a genuine need. Following is, word for word, my most recent email from Burkina Faso.

Dad Pawentaoré was just in my office and asked me to send you this message.
By the grace of the Lord we are doing very well and still thankful to you .We want to share with you our burden for the famine. We don’t expect that you take all but because of your faithful love we can’t hide you the problem. A lot of pastors are suffering, some are contenting per day with only one meal but many have only one meal for 48Hours. We had a lot of promises but nothing is made .Two churches of California saw the problem on internet and could help with $100 000 and we were able to help 2000 pastors (less the half of our pastors) with 50 Kg cereal .We need to help the population but specially the pastors. The need is really great. Thank you to remember this burden before the throne of God.
God bless you.
On behalf o Pawentaoré
Your brother Joany

Please direct your browser here to make an urgent online donation.


These Pastors are on our MCA staff in Zone One Churches.

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