Business as Mission: Gea Gort LIVE at MCA Church

Hear Gea Gort LIVE at MCA Church

Business as Mission

Saturday, October 6, 2018

7041 DeBarr Road, Anchorage, Alaska

9 AM – 1 PM Lunch Included


Gea’s presentations are designed to increase awareness of Business as Mission in our world of today.  Her experiences are the inspiration of her books, “God in the City: A missional way of life in an urban context” and “BAM Global Movement: concept and stories.”

“Entrepreneurs see and create opportunities. How can this talent be used to benefit society and build Gods Kingdom in innovative and holistic ways?”

Dr. Gea Gort is passionate about mission, especially in the urban context. She sees a grassroots missionary movement emerging. As author, journalist and missiologist she researches, writes and speaks about international developments regarding this movement.

There is a small, but steadily growing innovative missional movement emerging in urban places.  It is a grassroots movement; people involved are moving to vulnerable neighborhoods and connect with their neighbors. Others start Business as Mission-type initiatives, or lead fellow church members into a change; they are getting involved in a meaningful ways with their neighborhoods.

As missionaries, Gea and Menno (her husband) lived and worked for nine years on board Mercy Ships’ hospital ship, the Anastasis. We moved to Rotterdam to set up Mercy Ships Holland and I became locally involved: led a prayer movement in my city, directed a leadership network and advised the local government on multicultural issues. Meanwhile studying journalism and Urban Mission (Doctor of Ministry) and started writing about what God and Gods people are doing around the world.

Let us know of your interest in attending, 907 337-9495 or

Two of Gea’s insightful books call us to engage the Gospel in the urban context.