Hey, Dude. You are wrong!

Just been reading a few bloggers who feel their calling is to point out every well known pastor, author, television presenter, or evangelist’s theological error. Viciously these bloggers attack everyone who views a text, doctrine, or experience differently than they estimate it should be viewed. My problem with this approach is rather simple. Everyone is …

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Your Account Counts: Your Version of God’s Counter Story

MCA is totally fired up about the work of the Holy Spirit that is bringing blessing out of difficulty, benefit out of challenge, and purpose out of aimless living. God works often against and in spite of the dominant story line of the world’s culture. We are collecting your counter stories for two reasons. 1. …

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MCA Ministry Team Blogs

Several of our MCA team members are energetic participants in the blogosphere. In hope of pressuring them to keep their blogs current, I will list their URL’s here :0) 1. Pastor Blaine Schmidt writes an encouraging and very pastoral blog. Check it out here. 2. Pastor Pam Hodges keeps you informed of the MCA Children’s …

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