Good Lessons: Bad Examples

The beauty of Alaska is on full display this weekend and so is the word of the Creator. Enjoy the wonder of creation and the wisdom of the Creator today. Dr. Perkins has a wonderful lesson planned for you today at 10:30 AM.  Great teacher.  Tremendous subject. Prepare in advance here.Good lessons, Bad Examples 4

Judges 1 and 2

One of the MCA Church Adult classes, taught by Dr. Perkins, begins a new study this week.  Join Byron and the 10:30 AM Sunday class in MCA Live. The following link is to Dr. Perkins’ notes. Judges-1-2.pptx

Straighten up – Look up!

I just have a feeling in my gut. Can’t really say that I am a scholar on the last days, end times, prophecy, Revelation, or eschatological events. However, I am the world’s leading expert on that sense I sometimes get in the pit of my stomach.  Since much of creation is circular, East and West …

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