Competition that Counts

I am speaking tonight at a pre-tournament worship service for the Island Revival 2nd Annual Softball Tournament. What is the essence of competition? When the lights dim, the crowds disperse, the event is over and you are all alone with your thoughts…what will matter then? Competition really isn’t about winning; it is about excelling as …

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Porsche, Pink China, and Planting Gardens? Enjoy!

Why is enjoyment such a difficult idea for some followers of Jesus to embrace with enthusiasm?  It’s almost like God didn’t, indeed couldn’t, say of His creation, “It is good.” The spiritual and the enjoyable are not polar opposites! Have you seen people struggle with the question, “Should I enjoy this or must I be …

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Wow God!

Expect God to “Wow” you. That is right. He is more spectacular than we can imagine and more generous than anyone we have ever known. The Israelites were instructed, “Stand still and see the salvation of God.” My way of saying it today, “Stand still and watch God ‘wow’ you.” God parting a sea and …

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