How Close is the Persecution?

MCA Church LOVES Burkina Faso, its land, villages, cities, tribes, and people.  With each passing day of increased persecution and martyrdom, I am asked, “How close are the murderous radicals to our churches, outreaches, schools and various other ministry facilities and people?” In the small likelihood the terrorist murderers are searching the internet, I will …

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Just Plain Nuts!

This dude says to me, “Whoever wins the election, God will be glorified.” What kind of theological perspective is that? Trying to do theology many times people become crazy folks, out of touch with simple logic and truth. He might as well of said, “Praise God for Stalin, Mussolini, Hitler, and American slavery.” The “God …

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Straighten up – Look up!

I just have a feeling in my gut. Can’t really say that I am a scholar on the last days, end times, prophecy, Revelation, or eschatological events. However, I am the world’s leading expert on that sense I sometimes get in the pit of my stomach.  Since much of creation is circular, East and West …

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