Competition that Counts

I am speaking tonight at a pre-tournament worship service for the Island Revival 2nd Annual Softball Tournament. What is the essence of competition? When the lights dim, the crowds disperse, the event is over and you are all alone with your thoughts…what will matter then? Competition really isn’t about winning; it is about excelling as …

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Can-Am Spyder and Tubing

My kids, poor things, are dad impaired. I don’t have a truck.  No snow machine.  No four wheeler.  No motor cycle.  No plane, helicopter, paraglider, or glider.  No boat, raft, jet ski, wave runner, or even water skis.  No hunting rig.  No rifle, harpoon, bow, or machete.  Nope, not even a tent. But………I have friends! …

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Pastor Billy’s Water Emitter Contest

MCA’s terrific teens gathered for the end of school water war and barbecue. Sounds of laughter and joy, sights of water flying everywhere, and love for one another were evident throughout. The leadership team had prepared over 1,000 gallons of ammunition for the students to launch at one another. Drenched. Soaking. Wet. The most asked …

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