Celebrating the Birth of Jesus

The birth of our Lord is a fun season to enjoy. Replete with depth of meaning, the incarnation is part and parcel of the life, work, and ministry of Jesus.

The Gospel of Mark asks, “Who is this Man?” All the volumes ever written and to be written can not contain the answer. In fact, this Man is Truth and Truth can not be contained in time and space. He is above, below, around, and in time and space. He is before, during, after, and beyond time. He is always, I AM. Never I was, or I will be, or I might be.

He is virgin born. He is fully man. He is fully God. He IS!

In celebration, worship, and honor we are starting our church 2008 decoration plan. Most likely, in Protestant churches, Christmas is the season when we most worship with art, decoration, and lights.

Let the artisans worship.




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