Celebration for MCA Women

Valerie Burgess (We Care Ministries) and Kim Carlson (Women’s Ministries) planned, prepared, and presented a tremendous weekend of ministry for the women of MCA. Dori Welch facilitated worship and Renee’ Duncan presented the message on Friday evening. Patty Godfrey, Fay Niemann, Marie Smith, and Renee’ Duncan were the presenters in the Saturday sessions.

I must admit, it didn’t seem to me that folks would attend an indoor event on Mother’s Day weekend with sunny skies all around. But food always wins! 65 women braved the indoor conditions for the Saturday luncheon. Although most of our women couldn’t attend, there was joy, excitement, love, and foreward anticipation of God’s work among us.

Congrats to Valerie and Kim.


Kim and Valerie


Dora and Pam


Part of the Doris Fellows family



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