Central Campus Ambiance Upgrade

Dale Fick, Fay Niemann, and Howard Hansen are working together to improve the quality of your entrance experience to our Central Campus.  We think the upgraded appearance, amenities, furniture, wireless connectivity, color scheme, and lighting will add to your friendship and fellowship experience each weekend.

James, Jeff, and Dale are accomplishing most of the work and deserve a big “Thank You.”

In addition to the entrance upgrade, you will see a couple of additional set design improvements starting on January 4, 2010.  Should the Lord tarry and provide, we expect to have four primary set designs (on the Central Campus stage) each year.

A significant component of our set design plan is the improvement of the viewing experience in our venues.  Video venues deserve quality video feeds from LIVE, and these adjustments will greatly improve the visual experience for our venues and for those who will be watching online.

We are adding two minimalist “Cafe” areas in the entrance suites, wireless connectivity, ministry cd’s, dvd’s, books, and periodicals, and “third space” type of seating.   Jeff has already initiated the placement of new flooring in one of the Cafe areas.


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