Christian and God Pleasing Courage

We are in pursuit of courageous lives lived for God’s glory. Too many times our choices or lack thereof are impacted by a lack of courage. There is a ton of great teaching about faith, but faith without courage is impotent. As you study this lesson with us this week, may you develop Christian and God pleasing courage.

Whatever It Takes: Courage 2

Setting the stage for our conversation today.
1. All humans have the capacity for courage.
2. All religions (to my knowledge) honor courage.
3. In the Bible, courage appears to be something for which humans are responsible.
4. Courage is not shown as a gift from God but as an internal human process.

Is all courage morally equal?

What if…
1. The courageous Muslim soldier is fighting against a courageous Christian soldier?
2. One is sinning courageously?

There is, clearly, a courage that does not please God.

Our goal is to join the Apostle Paul in Philippians 1:20 by living, without the shame of cowardice, and with the joy of full courage. Is there a specific Christian, God pleasing courage? I believe the answer is yes.

Christian and God pleasing courage is:
1. Courage that is taken from the voice of God to you (this must align with written revelation in the Bible). 2 Samuel 7:27
2. Courage taken because of what God has said he will do to that which threatens you. Joshua 10:25
3. Courage that is anchored in “observing” God’s statutes and rules. {Obedience to God). 1 Chronicles 22:13
4. Courage connected to the presence of God. 1 Chronicles 28:20, Acts 23:11
5. Courage that is aware of God’s perspective of spiritual warfare. 2 Chronicles 32:7
6. Courage taken from the voice of God to your trusted God pleasing mentors. Deuteronomy 31:7
7. Courage that trusts the wisdom and providence of God (that God will do what He knows is best). 2 Samuel 10:12

Christian and God pleasing courage is taking God honoring action regardless of the pain, grief, embarrassment, or cost of that action.

MCA Church LIFE Groups

Getting to Know You

1. Have you ever had a strange food encounter? If so, what food most required you to have courage to eat?

2. People all have different preferences about how much they share with other folks. Where would you put yourself on the sharing continuum below?


Too much too soon Too little for people to know me

Digging Deeper

1. Christian courage is essential for an effective, God pleasing life. How could you make your LIFE Group a safe place to talk about those things that are challenging your courage? Romans 12:10, Hebrews 3:13, Ephesians 4:29

2. Often one’s lack of courage leads to sin, hurting people they love, continued addiction, and the loss of the joy that would come from a courageous victory. How would you respond to someone in your group if they said, “I just don’t have the courage to ….”

3. In Matthew 26:36-46 we see Jesus struggling to find courage. What do you learn about courage in this passage?

Taking It Home

1. Looking back on this weeks teaching and study, what is the most important thing to remember?
2. Do you have any prayer requests you would like to share with your group?
3. Please pray for MCA Church’s upcoming Global Outreach Convention.

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