Christmas Eve Family Communion

The MCA worship community gathered in the Video Cafe’ and LIVE to receive Holy Communion with their family and friends. Brenda Carlson and Fay Niemann created a marvelous Christmas ambiance in both venues with the MCA Fontanini collection as the centerpiece of the LIVE decorations. Dale Baker took the ambiance a bit further by adding candle light and a glorious collection of worshipful music selections. The final touches were given to the set by Fred Downs and his lighting skills.

Fay and Chuck Niemann and Kelly Nicolello served in the Video Cafe’, while Mark Burgess, Billy and Aubrey Welch, Mike Fields, Pam Hodges, Dale Baker, and Blaine Schmidt served in LIVE. Vonda Hoecher created a lovely gift table from which we gave cross Christmas ornaments.

The reports of the Family Christmas Communion experience are exceptionally positive.


Balcony view of Christmas Eve Family Communion.


Cross ornaments given to all by Vonda Hoecher.

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