Christmas Fruit Basket

I am noticing that many folks’ “Fruit of the Spirit” basket has been robbed by the stresses of the now famous Christmas Complexity Fatigue Syndrome. They sure love Jesus but they are, at best, grouchy, and at worst showing fits of rage (which is a fruit of a different spirit).

I am aware of the “reasons” people have for their lack of the Spirit’s fruit, but, in the end it is always simply a lack of intimacy with the Fruit Producer.

Approximately 3,000 people (about 1 percent of Anchorage’s population) claim that MCA is their home church. 3,000 folks whose Christmas Fruit Basket is full of love, joy, peace, patience, gentleness, goodness, kindness, self control, and faithfulness, will rapidly impact the entire environment of the community.

When people reach into your Christmas Fruit Basket may they not get the rotten and nasty fruit of the wrong spirit, but instead find the glorious work of the Holy Spirit.

After hanging out with you, are people more loving, joyful, and peaceful? Or are they more selfish, sad, and stressed?

Here is my take. If your basket is full of grouch, bitterness, and pride, please put a lid on it and enjoy it all to yourself. On the other hand, if your basket is full of the Spirit’s fruit, then take the lid off and share it with the world.

Don’t let the stresses of the season take you away from your time with the Spirit of God. Read, pray, reflect, and meditate upon the things of God and watch the good fruit grow.

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