Coldest Outreach of the Year?


Doug and Joyce are raving fans of Jesus. The transformation He made in their lives has them dancing and singing and celebrating God’s goodness and favor. One of the many ministries Doug and Joyce enjoy is a ministry designed to present the Gospel at dog sledding races to both the athletes and the fans.

The Yukon Quest,, is one of the last great races on the planet. The athletes, both human and canine, challenge some of the most severe weather on earth as they race 1,000 miles. My understanding is that they are traversing terrain that is currently near -70 degrees. Amazing. I think I will watch on the news…by the fireplace….with a hot tea in my hand.

Doug and Joyce’s team traveled to the starting gate in Fairbanks to present the Gospel of Jesus through the Mush to Life tract. Prayer, contemplation, hard work, endurance, and faithful presentation are features of this ministry.

Read Doug’s report and enjoy all that God is doing.

For a very cold race day there were about 2,000 fans who showed up. The Lord helped us give out 1,500 MTL booklets. We only found 1 discard after the race. PTL! Three hundred booklets were put in doggie booties and were given out first. Each bootie had a dog biscuit attached to it. We also put the churches business card in each bootie for follow up. The booklets that were not in a bootie had a computer label on the back with 1st Assembly info., for follow-up. Some of the tract handlers were able to visit with people and even prayed for some.

There were a lot of tourist from Japan who received a booklet. There were also other Asian people groups there. Some families that I met were from Norway and Scotland. They also received a booklet. A lot of Alaskan native people received booklets from Joyce and other the handlers. I talked with some people from Florida, Arizona and Texas who came up for other business but they also came out to the race. Each one received a booklet like wise.



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