Hang in there.  Keep up the fight.  Go for it.  Long obedience in the same direction.  Persevere.  Endure.

I have been invited to speak at the New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ’s Flame of Fire conference in May.  Wanting to do my research into the history of this church, I went to their web page   and read the stories of their congregational history.  Powerful stuff.

The New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ started in Delta Junction, Alaska.   Why is that remarkable?  Because the Pastor, Elder Otis McCormick, lived in North Pole, Alaska.  Talk about dedication and commitment; Elder McCormick drove the 165 mile round trip from North Pole to Delta Junction THREE TIMES EACH WEEK!  Pastor made this journey for many years.  (It was -64 degrees there today)

How committed are you to the ministry God is giving to you?

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