Conference Excitement

I am loving every minute of our 2009 Conference on the Holy Spirit.  The presence of the Lord is tremendous.  Excellent teaching, preaching, singing, and love for one another are creating a space where we can commune with God through His Spirit.

Joe Castleberry, Tim Enloe, and Joe Fuiten are presenting a meal fit for a king.  The truth we are learning from these three men is noteworthy, potentially life directing, and profitable for the work of Christ in the world of today.

Make time for the Spirit today.  Personally, get together with the Spirit and communicate and commune.  Corporately, attend these conference sessions and let the grace of God in other people sort of “rub off” on you and bless others with God’s work in you.

Superintendent Bill Welch is speaking tonight from Acts 3 and Tim Enloe is teaching about prayer and the Spirit.  The evening should be marvelous.

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