Connie Hice

Pam, Fay, and I were blessed today to enjoy conversation with Connie during a lunchtime meeting.  Connie is one of our MCA ministry family, even though she lives in Idaho.  Her God given skills, talents, and graces have been deployed at MCA as a teacher in the Muldoon Christian School, prophetic teaching, preaching, and a large number of acts of service.

God’s hand rests upon Connie in a special way.  Currently, Connie is giving much of her time in ministry to the Lord.  In American Christianity there is huge emphasis on worship designed for the tastes of the worshipers.  Connie is invited, by God, to minister worship, adoration, and communion, as unto the Lord.  I have heard this referred to as ministering to an Audience of One.

We love you, Connie.


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