MCA Church’s Weekend Experience components all lead to a greater consecration to the Lord. Each Saturday and Sunday we pursue further self-denial, sacrifice, and a life lived unto God’s greater glory as He sees best. It is His will we seek to do.

Two things follow, 1. The “God in Flesh and Blood” video, and 2. My message notes.

Today we come to the ultimate goal of our weekend experiences for our own personal lives; that of living our lives entirely consecrated to God.

We have a growing sense that we are being called to increase our understanding of “God in flesh and blood,” so that we may become “Christ-like in flesh and blood.”

Jesus is fully God and fully flesh and blood all at the same time.

“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us…” John 1:14a

One reason, of many, that Jesus became God in flesh and blood is to show us how to understand and live our lives fully consecrated to God.

Jesus’ consecrated life is prophesied over one thousand years before His birth. Psalm 40:6-8

• Engaged in the affairs of His Father. Luke 2:49
• Nourishment from doing the will of God. John 4:34
• Jesus came down from heaven to do God’s will. John 6:38

Jesus’ death upon the cross is the ultimate in consecration to God. In His death he exemplified being completely and wholeheartedly consecrated to God.

From Jesus (God in flesh and blood) dwelling among us we learn that consecration demands that our flesh and blood be entirely devoted to God. Jesus could never be charged with the accusation, “He had no skin in the game.”

Leviticus 1:1-4 teaches about the whole burnt offering, which is an illustration of consecration for our own lives…

1. Our lives are to be an offering to God. 1:2
2. Our lives are to be entirely upon the altar. 1:9
3. Our lives are to be completely consumed unto the Lord. 1:9
4. Our lives then are a pleasing aroma unto God. 1:9

According to the Greek and Hebrew Bible words our lives are to be a holocaust unto God. In Greek, holos means “whole” and kaustos means “burnt.”
• Nothing held back
• Completely devoted to God
• Wholeheartedly consecrated to God

God in flesh and blood dwelt among us and by following his example we present ourselves as living sacrifices to be totally consumed in inner purity and entire self-surrender. God in flesh and blood leads us to become Christ-like in flesh and blood.

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