Cornfield Chowder Anyone?

I have heard it at least a hundred times, “Hi, my name is Linfield. That rhymes with Cornfield. Last name is Crowder. That rhymes with chowder. So, hello, I am Dr. Linfield Crowder.”

I love to talk with Dr. Crowder. Skype ( is our communication system of choice. Last night I took a photo of our video call. It is simply a cell phone photo of my lap top computer while video calling Dr. Crowder.

I think Linfield Crowder actually rhymes with “energizer bunny.” Yesterday the energizer bunny, I mean Dr. Crowder, says to me, “Kent, you would be surprised. People just expect me to wait around until I die. I’m not going to do it. I have two more teams who want to go to Israel! So, I am putting together these trips for the glory of God.”

Seems like I read somewhere, “As thy days, so shall thy strength be.”


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