Country Gospel Music: Dennis and Pete

My good friend, Dennis Agajanian was named, for the seventh time, Country Gospel Musician of the Year in a Nashville ceremony and celebration tonight.

Pete Bebbington’s music also lifts the soul, strengthens faith, and motivates to righteousness. Pete’s songs and style have a gentle Australian feel, setting him apart from the crowd.

Both Dennis and Pete are not interested in celebrity status, but in ministering to everyone, especially those in need of the Savior. It was delightful to minister with Pete in a remote community in the Cape York area of North Queensland. He couldn’t bring his band, or even other musicians, but that didn’t stop him from singing and playing powerfully.

I enjoyed “Jesus Makes Me Fly” so much that I captured it on my iphone video. Iphone video isn’t the greatest, but, you can get a sense of Pete’s giftings.

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