Covid-19 vaccinations?

From time to time, I am asked my opinion about personal medical and health decisions. Reluctantly, due to the fact that I am not medically trained, scientifically inclined, or studied in microbiology, I sometimes chose to share. A good answer, medically and scientifically, is “Talk with the professionals and make a wise personal decision.”

Unique, in this situation, is our multi-continent network of congregations and the desire to meld theology and science into wise personal decisions. Are there common denominators for all of our congregations? Is there advice that is equally insightful for Samoans, Australians, Alaskans, Hispanics, Thai, and Burkinabe?

In receiving counsel from trusted, tried, and true pastors, the following advice seems wise.

  • An MCA Anchorage member has experienced a dream, in which he feels, strongly, that the Spirit is warning of a second wave of HUGE difficulty coming to the USA. Is the dream from God? Is the second wave of difficulty another virus? Something entirely different? A reaction to the mRNA vaccine? I don’t know, but feel that you are best served by knowing what at least one of our members senses as the warning of the Lord.
  • I hold tenaciously to the belief that informed consent is essential. When you, as an adult, are well-informed, you can give meaningful consent or dissent. I do not want any of our members, on any continent, being forced, against their will, to receive or be denied a vaccine. I support informed consent for all ethnicities, in all places, in all socio-economic situations (Why should the rich be included and the poor ignored? Why should the rich have options and the poor be forced?), for both female and male, old and young, American and non-American.
  • If receiving a vaccine is an informed consent, you should have access regardless of ethnicity, finances, religion, or economic status.
  • If receiving a vaccine is mandatory, against your will, you should have the right to abstain, regardless of ethnicity, finances, religion, or economic status.
  • Personally, I will avoid, if possible, the mRNA based vaccines and await the more traditional.
  • Since I am not at high risk, my personal preference, at this time, is to await the opportunity to receive the more traditional version.

Rick Benjamin, a pastor and Christian theologian, states, “As pastors, we do not speak with authority on any matter of science, medicine, microbiology, and vaccines. We should speak from the area in which we can speak authoritatively.” I agree. So, here goes.

Jesus is Lord!

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