Creating and Maintaining a Safe Ministry

Everyone deserves a safe place in which to worship God, grow in discipleship, and develop as a person.  Your MCA leadership team gives careful attention to creating and maintaining a safe environment for your church experience.  We have several hurdles over which one must “jump” in order to have access to our students and at risk adults.

Special thanks to each of you who keeps an eye out for potential harmful situations.  Pam and Mark are very involved in making sure that no unapproved people have access to our precious students and at risk adults.  Additionally, Mark and Pam provide training, supervision, and attention to this vital work.

Our 2009 Reducing the Risk of Abuse seminar was accomplished recently.  There were approximately 70 workers who attended.  We have several hundred more of our workers who need to update their worker training.

The training update was fun, brief, and followed by the first MCA Potato bar.


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