Credit Crunch Insomnia

The BBC has an article that shows a bit of the stress UK citizens are feeling toward the “Credit Crunch..”  Although it makes sense for a non-Christian, it isn’t accurate for those committed to Christ and full of the Holy Spirit.

Over 50% of the citizens of the UK are not sleeping because of money and work worries.  Economic worries, fears, and anxieties have them up most of the night or at least several times a night.

You and me?  We lay our heads down and go to sleep.  Why?  We are anchored solidly in the Rock Christ Jesus.  He has promised better care than the lilies of the field and the sparrow in the sky receive.  He is with us always.  And He gives His beloved rest.

He is the One who said, “Let not your hearts be troubled.”  Just don’t let your heart worry.

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