Day Two of the Heroes of Jesus

Thinking through the Heroes of Jesus is a fun process. There is no verse that says, “The fourteen heroes of Jesus are…” So, I get to deduct, surmise, and consider.

Jesus’ Day Two Hero of the Day is Joseph. In making the assumption that Joseph was on Jesus’ hero list, I found the following verses insightful.

1. Joseph was faithful to the law (Torah). Matthew 1:19
2. Joseph was quick to follow guidance.
a. He obeyed the command of an angel. Matthew 1:24
b. He obeyed the decree of the unpopular, disliked, and mostly hated “Caesar Augustus” Luke 2:1
3. Joseph was involved in Jesus’ life from the beginning. Notice that in Luke 2:22 Joseph and Mary took Jesus to be presented in the Temple. Joseph didn’t send Mary with Jesus. No, he led the way. He was a very present father.
4. Joseph did everything required. He wasn’t a half way kind of dad. He did everything required by the Torah. Luke 2:39
5. Joseph was faithful, supportive, helpful, and godly to Jesus’ mother.

It is my opinion that somewhere between Jesus’ 12th and 30th birthdays, Joseph died. If Joseph died some time near the baptism of Jesus, I think the Gospel writers would have picked up the story line and since they didn’t do so, I am guessing that Joseph died before Jesus was 16. Isn’t it interesting that, possibly, Jesus’ earthly father was with his Heavenly Father during his three years of public ministry?

Joseph is today’s Hero of Jesus.

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