Denali (windows)

Seeing the mountains of the world has become one of my hobbies.  Nope.  I don’t climb them, I just look at them for a minute or two and call it good.  I’ve seen Mt. Everest, Mt. Kenya,  Mt. Fuji, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Mt. Rainer, Mt. Rushmore, and (among many others) Mt. Denali.  Almost everyday I can see the Chugach foothills through my large and picturesque living room windows.

Speaking of windows……Our 40 year old single pane windows served us well for several years.  The high cost of heating our home was maxing out the ol’ heating budget.  That is in addition to the fact that our home could only get to about 55 degrees when it was below zero outside.  Clearly (no pun intended) it was time for new windows.  The cool gas filled windows that keep out the cold to 500 below zero is what we needed.   But where do you find the perfect window for the Alaska soul?

Denali Windows.

That’s right, MCA”s one and only Matt Toro is the guru of glass, the perfecter of panes, and the watcher of windows.   Denali Windows is a family owned and operated business.  Their customer service is most helpful and their products and prices seem softer on the family budget.

Speaking of mountains.  Abraham led his son into the Mountains of Moriah for a potential sacrifice.  However, God intervened and we learned “that the Lord will provide.”  Several thousands of years later, God led His Son into the same Mountains of Moriah, one of which was then called Golgotha.  And God did provide.  He provided restoration to the relationship between God and man, salvation for the human race, life for the dead and dying, and eternity for the time bound.

Denali Windows loves to invest their net gain in missions ministries around the world.  Matt and crew have a passion to see the action of God on the mountains taken to the whole world.  If you need some new windows……..


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