Discovering Your Role in the World

My message is designed to further the conversation about a Christian’s role in the cultural milieu of today. May the Lord give us grace as we consider the implications of being “the salt of the earth” and how we may be effective in this generation.

In Times Like These: Discovering Your Role in the World
Blessed Veterans Day to you!

According to Jesus, what is my role in the world of today?

The United States of America has a vastly different moral (immoral) and righteous (unrighteous) climate than we had just five days ago.

Minnesota, voted down a measure defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman. Maine, Maryland, and Washington legalized gay marriage. “The President is so absolutely delighted.”

The National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws claims nine victories for drug law reform.

The FBI has been spying on the head of the CIA and decided to make public his sin of adultery.

According to Jesus, what is my role in the world of today?

Get it!

• We must realize what is going on in the world of today (Matthew 24:38, 39) and we must wake up. Romans 13:11-14

Salt it!

• Jesus teaches that certain followers are the “salt of the earth.” Mt. 5:13
• These followers live the Beatitude Life. Matthew 5:3-12

Don’t can it!

• The first large paradigm shift for salt was the invention of canning.
• “Canned” Christianity has the form but not the power. 2 Timothy 3:5

Don’t refrigerate it!

• The second large paradigm shift for salt was the invention and understanding of refrigeration.
• “Refrigerated” Christianity has no fire. Everything is cold. Matthew 24:12

WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! If you and I lose our saltiness, we “are no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled under foot.” Matthew 5:13

MCA Church LIFE Groups

Connecting with One Another

1. What is your favorite salty food?
2. There are over 12,000 known uses for salt. What unusual use of salt have you tried?

Digging Deeper into the Weekend Lesson

1. In Romans 13:11-13, what are the signs that one has “awakened?” In other words, when a Christian is awakened she does what?
2. Do you see the United States of America in need of “awakening” and “putting off” the things in Romans 13:11-13?
3. After “putting off” things in verses 11-13, Paul commands us to “clothe oneself with the Lord Jesus Christ.” How does one do this?
4. A Christian “Clothes Closet” is found in Ephesians 6:10-18.
5. When you are awakened, have put off things, and put on other things, will you be considered salt with saltiness or salt without saltiness?
6. What then, is your role in the world of today?


1. Please pray for each member of your LIFE Group family to be fully awakened.
2. Please pray for God to stem the tide of immorality and unrighteousness in our nation through our saltiness.
3. Please pray for all of our Veterans.

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