Dr. Linfield Crowder

This kind of great man rarely sojourns on planet earth. Faith, consistency, courage, stamina, bravery, tenacity, love, grace, forgiveness, the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit are only a few of the qualities for which Dr. Crowder is known.

Sure he is a prolific speaker. Sure he has a brilliant mind with knowledge on Israel, the end times, and prophecy. Sure his ministry has covered almost the entire globe. But these things are not his greatness. They all flow from his deep and personal relationship with the Lord.

I am honored and blessed that he calls me friend.

In this moment Dr. Crowder could use a boost to his faith. His recent heart valve replacement surgery and ongoing battle against kidney failure are mountainous challenges to even his strong faith. Today Linfield mentioned to me, “It’s in times like these that you stand upon the faith of others. When you are too weak to have your own faith, you stand upon the faith and prayers of other people.”

Ultimately, we all stand upon the strong faith of Jesus Christ. Our faith is in Jesus. Our faith is from Jesus.



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