Enhancing Relationships

I met today with Kim and her women’s ministry team for a conversation regarding increasing and improving the relationships of the women of MCA.  There is interest in increasing relationships between women within each venue, from venue to venue and for that matter between MCA and other local congregations.

God’s blessing upon the equipping/teaching and venue/multi-site ministry is extraordinary.  More people are deployed in major levels of work for the Lord than ever before in MCA’s history.  Wow! God is to be glorified.

The primary basis of relationship is meaningful time together.  In the months of June, July, and August consider increasing the number of people with whom you spend time.  Increase the number of folks with whom you drink coffee.  Invite a potential new friend on a walk or hike.  Have a potential new friend into your home to view your favorite program.  Join an MCA Bible study.  Attend an MCA event.

Enjoy a growing network of friends.

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