Enjoying the art and loving the Artist

God as Creator is a primary component of a life of worship.  The Bible opens with God creating, ends with one of His new creations, and records the lives, thoughts, and productivity of his human creation throughout.  Biblical revelation starts with God’s hands in the mud and ends with a glorious city.

As I visit congregations around the world, I notice that my heart of worship greatly expands.  The missio Dei creates an enlarged heart.

Two days ago I was with Jesus followers in Sahara Desert-like, 106 degree, dusty weather. Yesterday I was with devout Christians in 30 degree, crisp clean Swiss air.  Currently I am flying over the Swiss Alps.

The awesome magnificence of God’s creative genius is stunning.  I have experience in worshiping at the throne of grace, mercy, redemption, and love, but I am just now dialing in on worshiping God through experiencing His creative power.

No, I don’t worship His creation.  I worship Him.  The Artist is far more important than the art. You may enjoy a Picasso but discover that you would never spend time with him.  The sport’s feat may be impressive, but the athlete undesirable in every way.

It is different with God.  He is infinitely more delightful than His creation.  However much you delight in the beauty of a beach, mountain peak, or African night sky, you will enjoy God even more.

When you do, allow your heart to enlarge with worship.

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