Equipping the Saints for Works of Service

Our worship community (MCA) is completely dedicated to equipping people for delivering God’s transformational love and power to those who are longing for deep spiritual change.  One of the most enjoyable and inspirational aspects of being an equipping church is to watch where God leads those who are equipped.

Sean Gordon has been a friend of mine for many years.  He is a marvelous follower of Jesus Christ who is fully devoted to our Lord’s work in the world.  Sean sits near the front, often in 9:15 LIVE, where he can enjoy the service through the interpreter for the deaf.

Read this letter I just received from Sean and enjoy the calling of God upon Sean’s life.

Hi Kent,

I am doing great in Mexico City! I have not been sick ever since while here. The A/G missionaries are very good to me. They take care of me very good. I have been in the intensive missionary training….a lot of learning and education. Like Introduction to Missions, etc. They have been telling me the reality of missionary and hard work.

Yesterday, I preached one sermon at the deaf church. Two deaf adults came forward and accepted Jesus into their hearts. I have been doing minor construction work. Also I told my missionaries, Randy and Linda, that I wanted to volunteer by going to deaf school and invite them to go to Kids’ Club. They did try to get in but they won’t let them before. Somehow God spoke one of the missionaries to send their 15 years old daughter to go with me and my other deaf Christian leader. We prayed together before we went to school.

Well, the school decided to let us go in and share with all of the kids about our Kids’ club program. We did spoke to a group of kids in each class… took us to speak with every class about 3 to 4 hours.

Last Saturday, 10 more people including adults and hearing kids came to Kids’ club…jump from one to eleven. It is amazed that God sent them to our club. The ministry team started to evangelizing the kids at the Kids’ Club.

There are about 5 deaf schools in Mexico City with a population of 30 million. The total of deaf students in all schools is about 350. Most deaf kids do not go to school because their parents won’t let them. The government sources will not tell us where the deaf kids are. This is a very impossible task to reach out all of deaf kids in Mexico City. I know nothing is impossible with God.

The missionaries wanted me to sign up for Missionary In Training program that Springfield provides. They wanted me to start a deaf school. They told me that the old A/G school has been shut down, the building is available for us soon. The Mexico Area Director has been praying for a deaf missionary to start a school there. My missionaries told me that they can’t do it. They need me to start this school. The building is already provided if we ask for one.

I have to go back to the mission field. I will talk to you soon. God Bless You! Sean Gordon

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