Excellence and Integrity in Ministry: Ten Thoughts

For a recent series of talks about wholeness and professionalism in ministry, I prepared a list of ten things that may be helpful for keeping relationships between pastors and members in a good place. Following is one of several things I prepared for the presentations.

Psalm 78:72 opens for us a specific type of relationship. It is the Shepherd and flock relationship.

Excellence and Integrity in Ministry is, in part, the management of this highly unique, specialized, and delicate relationship.

We have this treasure in jars of clay and they have this treasure in jars of clay. How do these two particular jars of clay properly relate to one another? 2 Corinthians 4

Ten Boundaries for Pastors

10. Keep your finances, assets, and resources completely separate from the churches finances, assets, and resources.

9. Have reasonable office hours. Meet people, especially those of the opposite gender, only during those hours, only in your office, only for one hour, only with a second adult nearby and have higher employee/employer standards than secular companies.

8. Never continue a pastoral conversation beyond the limits of the office appointment. Never say, “We can continue this conversation at lunch, dinner, on the phone, email, text, etc.

7. Do not borrow money, go into business with, or otherwise connect financial resources with those who attend your congregation.

6. Always avoid the trap of allowing the I – Thou relationship to become a We relationship.

5. Do not allow jealousy to survive even one moment in your heart.

4. Avoid shame based ministry and shame-based people.

3. Assure that your mate has all of your passwords, usernames, email addresses, access to your cell phone records, web surfing history, television viewing habits, etc.

2. Always taste, touch, smell, see, hear, and imagine things that are honorable before the Lord.

1. Have at least three people who know everything about you and are willing to require you to love the Lord with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength and to love your neighbor as yourself.

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