Excellent Customer Service

As a student of customer service, I keep my eyes open for the illusive great customer service experience. Think about three of my recent experiences.

1. I am at an all you can eat buffet. Pounds and pounds of delicious options abound. Many of the customers have their plates piled to overflowing. I catch the attention of the waitress. “May I please have another glass of iced tea?” “No.” She replied. “We are only allowed to give one drink per person.”

All you can eat— not all you can drink?

2. After a nice meal at a local restaurant, I hand the cashier my American Express card. “We don’t take American Express.” She stated. I reach into my coat and pull out my trusted check book. “We don’t take checks either.” Not to worry. I always have an emergency $100 bill. “We don’t take $100 bills. Too many counterfeits floating around.”

Let’s see here. How tough can we make it for a customer to give us his money?

My third encounter is wonderful. Jeff, part of the MCA worship family, is the store manager at the Army Navy Store. In preparation for traveling to Burkina Faso, I ask “Do you have any Permethrin? It’s the stuff you soak your clothing in to protect against insect bites.”

“No, we don’t sell Permethrin at this time of year. But I’ll see what I can do.”

In less than an hour I receive indication that I have a voice mail message. “This is the Army Navy Store. I have found Permethrin. You can purchase it at B.J. Commercial. Their address and phone number are….Their hours of operation are…If you like, I can pick some up and have it delivered to your place of employment.”

They listened to my need. Found solutions to my need. Sent me to one of their competitors. Offered to deliver the product to me.

Of which business would you be a raving fan?


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