Excelling at Work

MCA-ers are great employees.  You know God, you understand your competencies, your character, and the chemistry required to excel.  God’s Word resides in your spirit and soul and you energetically see prosperous results from your labor.  The mind of Christ is in you and God is glorified through your work.

Following is a brief article from Seth Godin’s blog.

The marketer’s attitude

Traditional job requirements: show up, sober. Listen to the boss, lift heavy objects.

Here’s what I’d want if I were hiring a marketer:

You’re relentlessly positive. You can visualize complex projects and imagine alternative possible outcomes. It’s one thing to talk about thinking outside the box, it’s quite another to have a long history of doing it successfully. You can ride a unicycle, or can read ancient Greek.

Show me that you’ve taken on and completed audacious projects, and run them as the lead, not as a hanger on. I’m interested in whether you’ve become the best in the world at something, and completely unimpressed that you are good at following instructions (playing Little League baseball is worth far less than organizing a non-profit organization).

You have charisma in that you easily engage with strangers and actually enjoy selling ideas to others. You are comfortable with ambiguity, and rarely ask for detail or permission. Test, measure, repeat and go work just fine for you.

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