Faith, Power and Authority

MCA Church is asking God to lead us into a greater measure of continuing the Book of Acts into our world of today.  We would love to be part of Acts chapter 2015.  The following outline is an brief investigation into Luke’s special emphasis on faith, power and authority.

Faith, power and authority are three different words:

  • Faith – πίστις
  • Power – δύναμις
  • Authority – ἐξουσία

The word translated ‘power’ carries the meaning of “inherent power, power residing in a thing by virtue of its nature: strength, ability, power.”  (Thayer)

The word translated ‘authority’ carries the meaning of “delegated empowerment, delegated influence – authority, jurisdiction, liberty, power, right, strength”

Luke, in Luke/Acts is very interested in revealing Jesus giving power and authority to his followers.

When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to proclaim the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.  Luke 9:1,2

Jesus conferred and delegated His power and His authority to the Twelve. Specifically, this conferment and delegation was to drive out all demons and to cure diseases.

With this conferred and delegated power of Jesus the Twelve were sent out with two assignments: proclaim the kingdom of God and heal the sick.

Did this empowerment and authorization end with the Twelve?  NO!  Luke is very careful to teach that this impartation of power and authority follows the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  Acts 1:7, 8

The empowerment and authorization Jesus gave to the Twelve in Luke 9:1,2 is the authorization the Holy Spirit gives when “the Holy Spirit has come upon you” in Acts 1:8.

There is zero (nil, nada, zilch, none) Biblical support for the idea that God has stopped empowering and authorizing His people.

We are to pray for the Spirit to come upon us and then walk in faith in His power and authority, especially over demons and sickness.

“Bring It” in our culture today carries the meaning of pushing through obstacles, difficulties, and going beyond what we know as our personal limitations.

Let’s commit to “Bring it” in our pursuit of the Spirit’s empowerment and authorization for our lives today.

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