Featuring MCA’s Newest Communicators

We have been featuring a few of the MCA community’s newest ministry team members in our weekend services. Wow! what a collection of God called, Holy Spirit enabled, and Jesus committed people. The quality of content, excellence of presentation, and anointing of the Holy Spirit are clearly demonstrated by these men and women of faith.

Aubrey’s message, anchored in John 15, was a timely and graced call to abide in Christ while God does His gardening work in our lives. Her invitation to “smell like Jesus” was fantastic and an interesting work of the Holy Spirit. Several thousands of miles away in Burkina Faso, I was speaking on the same Sunday……….on the same subject. I talked about the ways God gets the aroma of Christ out of the bottles of our lives. Sometimes He anoints, other times He pours, and finally He may break us. I then broke a bottle of perfume and the entire room filled with the aroma of the perfume.

Aubrey on this side of the ocean and Kent on that side of the ocean flowing with the same Holy Spirit.


Billy’s talk on the “Essential Keys to Giving My Best” was a powerful call to whole hearted commitment to the life God has invited you and I to build for His glory. Worshipers were in tears as the Holy Spirit sovereignly moved on our souls.

Although I haven’t been able to hear Dale’s message, I am confident of a good report. Dale is a tremendous blessing to the MCA ministry team.

If you missed any of these great presentations, please log on to www.pastorkent.me and click on messages.

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