February 08 Burkina Faso Team

What a joy to travel in ministry with 11 champions of the Good News. Each person added a unique and delightful dimension to our work and greatly increased the relationality (the online dictionary says this is not a word….when will dictionaries catch up?) and community of the team.

Karen Loved the 105 degree weather. Always had a smile. Connected with several Pastor’s wives.

Fred Preached at a Zone 1 church. Three people gave their lives to Christ. Ready to preach every week.

Sher Sher’s business should be called “Sher’s Solutions.” She solved everything for everyone. Blessed many people with her grace of giving and helps. Totally perked up the Pastor’s wives with her cool skin care system.

Byron Looked like a boy in a Lego shop. He was totally in the groove of missions ministry. Of several connections, he said, “Those were divine appointments.”

Jacob The only teenager on the journey. Jacob added a great sense of humor. Proved he is tough, because every mom on the trip tried to mother him. Never once did he say, “Did I ask you to be my mother?” :0)

Joseph Captured all the details the rest of us most likely would have missed. Joe brought our only GPS. We never really knew where we were, but we knew how far it was to where you were. Joe’s knowledge will help us create a beginning level irrigation system.

Howard Blessed us all by navigating our team through the trains and buses of Paris. Howard is a gifted logistics man. Clearly an MCA missions team leader. Great help and encourager to the Pastors of Zone 1.

Rebecca An adventurer at heart. She added a curiosity to the team. Much color and detail was noticed through her eyes.

Judy She became sort of our resident worshiper. Always with a song of worship in her heart. She totally connected with the Burkinabe worship selections and style.

Shanda Added the “record it for future generations” touch to the team. Several times I noticed Shanda taking photos of things no one else saw or appreciated. She reminds us all that generations continue to flow like a river. With new eyes and ears they hear and see better images of the future.

Danee’ Traveling with me (her dad) she added a “let’s enjoy the journey” feel. Why be stressed when there are Camels, Giraffes, and puppy dogs to enjoy? She adjusted to the travel distances, time changes, and cultural shocks as well as anyone on the team. Why wait until we are retirement age to think of going into all the world?

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