Feed a Pastor’s Family for One Month

When we arrived in Burkina Faso, we discovered that our Pastor’s families have been hit exceedingly hard by a gigantic increase in food prices.  Food is up over 4 times what it usually is.  The common person can not afford rice.  We couldn’t just watch and pray.  We purchased a 100 pound bag of rice for each of our Zone 1 pastors.  Additionally, we discovered that our pastor’s wives have never had a Bible of their own.  We were able to purchase 30 Bibles.  One for each pastor’s wife.

Tomorrow in the services, Pastor Fay will be asking our congregation to give generously toward meeting the food needs of our Zone 1 pastors and for the purchase of these Bibles.  We are looking for 40 people who will give $100 and many more who will give what they are able.  Each penny counts here.

I wish you could personally see the appreciation each pastor demonstrated when he received his families rice.

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