FIND: a church planters conference

My experience at the FIND conference reminded me of the joy of being in God’s family and ministry at this time in history.  God is doing amazing things in American churches and churches around the world.  I love God’s workings.

My time in Charleston was a networking bonanza.  In fact, apart from Sebastiaan, I had never met anyone at the conference.  100 percent brand new relationships!

Billy Hornsby is a church planting genius who understands creating life giving churches.  Desmond Frey has planted, and continues to plant, life giving churches in Zurich, Switzerland.  Jon Perrin is preparing to plant a new work in a college town in Germany.  Greg Surratt has planted Seacoast Church in Charleston and is seeing hundreds of people come to Christ.  Two weekends ago there was a spontaneous water baptism at the church where over 200 people followed the Lord in water baptism.

What did I take away from the conference?  MCA is, by God’s grace, in step with what the Holy Spirit is doing in these life giving churches from around the world.  Our need is to continue increasing the quality of everything we do.

How can i present my messages with higher quality?  How can we make the worship music higher quality?  How can we make the parking experience a higher quality experience?  How can we improve quality at every level all the time?

Let’s take the quality challenge and go for it.


Sebastiaan Van Wessem, Desmond Frey, and Rob Ketterling


Sebastiaan and Matt Fry


Sebastiaan and Jon Perrin

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