Fired Up!

Just received from Pastor Billy this shout of praise unto the Lord.  It is from one of our teenage girls.  Read and get fired up yourself.

Hey Billy!

I just wanted to say something about tonight. It rocked my world!

Last year, i didn’t feel like i was getting the most out of RUSH that i could. It seemed sort of lacking to me. Then i went to Junior High Camp and i realized how much God wanted to do in me. That really changed me a lot.

So tonight, i felt free. God spoke to me  and said that God was pleased with us and would show us unimaginble revalations. I cry happy tears right now as i write this because all i want to do in my life is please God and i feel that my life is complete and it has just barely begun! I already can’t wait for next Sunday! I feel the most joy in my life, it’s just indescribable! i wanted that moment in worship to never end.

Also, Aubrey is the most God filled prayer i have ever heard of. She knew exactly what to say.

I feel like i have gifts in my right hand still unfullfilled. I plan to come Wednesday night and see for my self and to show God that I’m available! What really struck me as interesting was when God asked what was in Moses’ right hand. God knew, because he knows everything. I think that before anyone can truely use their gifts to the full extent, we have to submit to God that talent and verbally express what is in our right hand.

So thanks for such a powerful night and I can’t wait to see our youth group grow to it’s full potential and rock this generation!

May I suggest that you get your teen, your neighbor’s teens, and everyone else you know in their teen years over to The Gathering?

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